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Houndstooth Suede from the New Shimmering Suede CollectionFull Article >



Job Fairs

Townsend Leather is always on the lookout for passionate, disciplined, empathetic, and influential new employees.  We have recently been looking to fill some open and new positions and are actively getting more involved in the community to spread the word of what a … Full Article >

“The Power of Zero” Leader Herald Article

New York State is changing tax laws to make the state even more appealing to current and new business.  Local newspaper, The Leader Herald, took some time last week to visit with Townsend Leather and find out what this could mean for us. They spent part of the day … Full Article >

Job Opportunities at Townsend Leather

TOWNSEND LEATHER IS CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THESE POSITIONS: Townsend Leather is a specialty leather manufacturer artistically producing made-to-order leathers for the luxury aircraft and hospitality industry. We are a group of empowered partners who … Full Article >

Cabin Fever Party 2014

Townsend Leather celebrated our second annual Cabin Fever party this past weekend, and it was all around great. It has been a long cold winter, and even though winter has not yet loosened its grip on our area (it was still only 14 degrees here in Johnstown this … Full Article >

Retirement Celebration!

Over the past couple weeks Townsend has been celebrating an upcoming retirement of one of our longest standing exemplary employees. But we haven’t only been celebrating.  We have also been preparing.  Preparing for how to say goodbye to someone who so epitomized … Full Article >

Even Healthier New Year

New year, greater health! Townsend Leather is dedicated to an even healthier team.  We have a calendar full of health initiatives.  One of the most exciting is our team Weight Loss Challenge.  With at least 8 Teams competing (and more to come) Townsend is taking … Full Article >

Holiday Luncheon 2013

After some minor food logistic mishaps, our Holiday Luncheon kicked off with lots of laughs and good times. It always impresses that the team that puts these events on are able to pull everything together so wonderfully so quickly.  They are magicians who know how to … Full Article >