Wellness Fair

Each year Townsend Leather celebrates our vibrant and exciting community, and our healthy active team by hosting a Health+Wellness Fair.  

Our 2018 Fair is going to be our biggest and bestest yet!  



2018 Townsend Leather Health + Wellness Fair:
Friday, September 21st from 12:00 to 3:00 PM



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About Townsend

We love our community.  This event is a way to open our beautiful campus up all the folks that are doing great wellness minded things and give them an opportunity to spread their greatness to our Townsend Partners.  We are located at 45 Townsend Ave in Johnstown NY with a lots of lush greenery around the back of our main building, and a gorgeous calming pond.  We are a passionate, team-centric, hard-working, fun-having group of about 150 people.  All Townsend Employees will be attending the event and are “on-the-clock” while they are there.  So you can expect an engaged and happy audience. 




Because of the difficult nature of scheduling this many parts, this will be a “Rain or Shine” event. If there weather is dangerous we may need to end early or can attempt to bring some of the event inside, but otherwise we will proceed as planned, even in the rain. 



The event is outside, behind Townsend Leather’s Building #1.  There is a large parking lot, some of that are will be roped off for the event.  There is a flat grassy area, called our “upper lands” which is raised from the rest of the grounds, this area will likely be the location of Yoga and our more peacefully-focused vendors.  There is also other grassy and tree filled areas that we will spread the event across.  As well as a covered pavilion for our dance and drum classes and a pond where we will have some water events planned. 

Please plan to be in nature.  We will have tents setup but it will be smart to bring sunscreen and bug repellent and be prepared to say hello to the nature that surrounds us (bugs, geese, other birds, some deer have wandered through, there is a beaver in the pond, and a snapping turtle…)

We will have a PA system setup and will do periodic announcements and we will have music playing throughout the event. 



We will have electricity for the vendors that require it, but it can be difficult to manage the wires and it may require you to change locations, so if you don’t have to use electricity, it is usually better not to – but it can be made available.  

We will have large tents setup to designate the vendor areas and have plans to create specialized Zones (like Active, Learn, Eat, Relax…) to be determined based on the vendors. 

We can provide some tables and chairs, you are welcome to bring you own.  

We can accommodate almost any size, let us know how much space you need and any equipment requirements and we will do our best to make it work. 

We will provide signs for each vendor/table but please bring any of your own signage, banners, handouts or whatever as well.  

Please plan to arrive at least 1 hour before the start of the event, to ensure you have ample time to setup and visit with the other vendors and staff. 

We are asking all vendors to consider incorporating our Vendor Theme for the event of, “Beat Stress“.  If you have a way to tailor your offering or message to include how it can help someone manage or overcome stress, that would be great!  We want our Fair to have a cohesive message and stress is the message.  

We would also ask you to be sure you have something to handout.  Plan to pass out business cards or flyers, or even better, plan to pass out something fun!  We want the Fair to be highly active and engaging, so please plan to have lots of conversations or to offer some kind of hands-on activity or presentation.  

We ask ALL vendors to complete our Wellness Fair Application, see below.  We need this to ensure we do not have duplicate vendors, so you can let us know all your needs (electric, chairs, tables…), so you can know some of our expectations, and we can be sure we have accurate contact info.  Please fill out the form below and any concerns or questions can go Pam at pamelag@townsendleather.com 



  • 150+ Captive and engaged audience
  • Beautiful space
  • Table signage
  • Electricity if needed
  • Shade cover if needed
  • Tables if needed
  • Chairs if needed
  • Time to meet other vendors
  • Indoor bathrooms
  • + more!


  • A positive message
  • Tailored information of how what you offer can help people deal with/overcome stress
  • Some kind of giveaway item or raffle item
  • Your own tables and chairs and equipment (if you want)
  • Your own flyers and signs and displays
  • Anything else you want


Get Involved

2018 Townsend Leather Health + Wellness Fair: Friday, September 21st from 12:00 to 3:00 PM

Want to be a part of this awesome endeavor? 

Let us know more about you, what you offer, and what you would need – by completing our Wellness Fair application


Wellness Fair Application

Our Health+Wellness Fair is one of our biggest and most looked forward to events of the year. You can be a part of it too, just fill out this application to start the conversation.
  • Please provide a name and contact information for the who we should get in touch with.
  • Tell us a little bit about what you do and who you are.
  • How many people will be representing your organization?
  • Do you need a table? and how many? Chairs? and how many? Electric? Shade cover? Specific location (near the water/pond, near the door...)? Any other requirements?
  • Previously organizations have provided, tote bags, water bottles, fruit, vegetables, prepared foods, pens, and many other items. Will you be providing something like that?
  • Tell us a bit more about what makes you passionate about providing what you do. And let us know any questions you have for us or anything else you think we should know.
  • If you have a flyer or a photo or something that you want to share, upload it and submit it here