Jared Eckler


A Favorite Thing:
My favorite leathers usually involve metallics, Regal, Luster, Stargazer, and Taj I love to marvel over, touch, and create these!  Of the 30+ metallic products we offer, a good number of them were adopted through discussions between our Marketing and Creative teams and me wanting another sparkly metallic!  

Something People Might Not Know About Me:
Many know I handwrite anniversary cards to all our partners but no one knows how much time I spend thinking about our people.  A card I write today is rarely spontaneous, I’ve been thinking about, watching, and taking mental notes all year and over that person’s career about them – personal and professional.  The things I say to people through speeches, cards, emails, or any other medium is deeply held by me.  The partnership and trust I cultivate with others in the company and that work with us is very meaningful and sacred to me, it’s much more than being a good guy or President.  It’s an honor and a privilege to me and what makes my life feel so fulfilled is by being a part of others feeling that way.

Years as a Townsend Leather Partner:
23 years

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