Jared Eckler


Years of Service at Townsend Leather:
21 years 

About the photo:

This is a photo of me with Barb and Eli after we awarded them this years Jane and Joe Cool awards.  This is a superlative I personally love that I created a few years ago to celebrate those who show great urgency for their work but balance it with fun and a lightness in their attitude and calm spirit that helps others get work done and feel good about it.  
We take our work very seriously, ourselves not so much.  Staying humble, hungry, and hustling is what Townsend’s best partners are all about!


Who has been the biggest influence on Jared’s life?
It’s hard to say Terry over Sarah, Sarah has always supported me and believed in me just as I am.  She always saw in me a great person, and being with her always drove me to be the best I could as I always felt I had gotten lucky to meet such a beautiful, smart, woman.  Terry saw something in me that no one as much as he pushed to come out.  No one in my life ever put such high expectations on me and supported me in achieving things I never thought about before than him.  At each new height I reached with his direction, advice, support, encouragent, he would see my potential grow and raise the bar higher.  He gave a lot of his time to help me grow as a person, professional, and a leader in my life that I am positive without I would not be who I am today.  The lesson was to always strive for your potential and not settle for less from yourself or others that surround you.  As you improve, so does your potential to be even better.

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