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Product Line: Galuchat Cowhide (GL)


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Galuchat, meaning sharkskin or stingray skin was named after Louis XV's master leather artisan, Jean-Claude Galuchat, who introduced this exotic material to France during the 18th century. He used the scarce skins to manufacture luxurious items such as jewelry boxes and various furniture. The first signs of this alluring textile dates back to 8th century Japan where it was used for breastplates, sheaths, and the handles on swords, due to its resilient texture.

Our Galuchat is made as an embossed cowhide with multiple hand effects, reminiscent of the handiwork of the original Galuchat. The 11 colors and highlighted center jewel of Galuchat are characteristic of genuine stingray finishes. The characteristic finish effect of this leather artwork is applied by hand; the resulting variance in design and color are part of its natural beauty.

Download QC Specifications (PDF)

Average Hide Size: 55 - 60 SF

Minimum Order: 1 Hide

Performance Rating:  4 of 5

Standard Colorline: 11 colors available for shipment in 4 weeks

Custom Colors: Lead time 4 - 5 weeks

Flammability: Inherently flame resistant
Additional flame-proofing and certification available upon request, at no additional charge


Galuchat Cowhide (GL)
Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Kyoto Black, L-GL-1961 

 Color: Kyoto Black

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Fuji Green, L-GL-7942 

 Color: Fuji Green

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Sumatra Brown, L-GL-3973 

 Color: Sumatra Brown

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Japan Ivory, L-GL-9934 

 Color: Japan Ivory

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Kobe Red, L-GL-2365 

 Color: Kobe Red

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Sand Hut, L-GL-4318 

 Color: Sand Hut

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Golden Amber, L-GL-3350 

 Color: Golden Amber

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Deep Lavendar, L-GL-9298 

 Color: Deep Lavendar

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Empress Jade, L-GL-7719 

 Color: Empress Jade

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: China Blue, L-GL-8084 

 Color: China Blue

Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Terra Rosa, L-GL-3750 

 Color: Terra Rosa

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