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Product Line: Shimmering Lambskin (SHL)


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Our Shimmering Lambskin line is North American lambskin which is aniline-dyed before a unique foil transfer is applied to provide a stunning design and a beautiful shimmery effect on these tremendously soft skins. 

The foil transfer provides some added protection and uniformity but natural variations in coloration and characteristics should still be expected with this natural aniline product.

Download QC Specifications (PDF)

Average Hide Size: 9 - 11 SF

Minimum Order: 55 SF

Performance Rating:  2 of 5

Standard Colorline: various colors and patterns available for shipment in 4 - 5 weeks

Custom Colors: Lead time 5 - 6 weeks

Flammability: Inherently flame resistant
Additional flame-proofing and certification available upon request, at no additional charge

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL)
Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Contrails Deep Patchouli, L-SHL-RD-3439-CTL 

 Color: Contrails Deep Patchouli

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Helix Nebula Earthly Sandalwood, L-SHL-HEN-3439 

 Color: Helix Nebula Earthly Sandalwood

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Helix Nebula Cosmic Odyssey, L-SHL-HEN-1118 

 Color: Helix Nebula Cosmic Odyssey

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Labyrinth Smudging Sage, L-SHL-RD-6453-LBY 

 Color: Labyrinth Smudging Sage

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Starry Night Glistening Black, L-SHL-RD-23924-0917 

 Color: Starry Night Glistening Black

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Dimensional Diamond Pretty Pink Pearl, L-SHL-DMD-2146 

 Color: Dimensional Diamond Pretty Pink Pearl

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Cubic Zirconia Deep Patchouli, L-SHL-RD-3439-CZ 

 Color: Cubic Zirconia Deep Patchouli

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Cubic Zirconia Smudging Sage, L-SHL-RD-6453-CZ 

 Color: Cubic Zirconia Smudging Sage

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Viva Acuatico Pretty In Pink, L-SHL-RD-23290-0917 

 Color: Viva Acuatico Pretty In Pink

Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Interlocking Weave Breakin' Brown, L-SHL-RD-23922-0917 

 Color: Interlocking Weave Breakin' Brown

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