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Product Line: Softina Cowhide (SO)


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Softina is full grain aniline cowhide that blends the best of both worlds - an engineered finished leather that is also a premium, soft aniline leather.  These hides are produced with just enough finish to be homgenous in color, but are made with softer topcoats and fat liquors that create a softer hand and a silkier, smoother surface to the touch.  Softina Cowhide will be the leather you covet and search for and it what leather should be.


Softina Cowhide will exhibit natural variations with color, tone, and texture that are part of the beauty of this leather.  Each hide's unique history and natural markings, such as neck wrinkles, should be expected and will vary within a hide and from hide to hide.


Softina will always be made to order.  Why?  Because while the process is no longer than those for other products made by Townsend, the raw material used is as select and handpicked as the hides for our Nubuck Cowhide, requiring only the top 1% selection of hides in the world, and for this reason, we ask you check lead times with your dedicated Townsend representative to ensure best lead and quality always.

Download QC Specifications (PDF)

Average Hide Size: 55 - 60 SF

Minimum Order:  1 Hide

Performance Rating:  4 of 5

Standard Colorline: 5 colors available for shipment in 4 weeks

Custom Colors: Lead time 4 - 5 weeks

Flammability: Inherently flame resistant
Additional flame-proofing and certification available upon request, at no additional charge


Softina Cowhide (SO)
Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Caviar, L-SO-1172 

 Color: Caviar

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Peacoat, L-SO-8941 

 Color: Peacoat

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Walnut, LSO-3314 

 Color: Walnut

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Teak, L-SO-3704 

 Color: Teak

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Soy, L-SO-3849 

 Color: Soy

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Shell, L-SO-9417 

 Color: Shell

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Champagne Taste, L-SO-6384 

 Color: Champagne Taste

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Cosmopolitan Cream, L-SO-6292 

 Color: Cosmopolitan Cream

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Manhattan Skyline, L-SO-8425 

 Color: Manhattan Skyline

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Uptown Brown, L-SO-3249 

 Color: Uptown Brown

Softina Cowhide (SO), Color: Penthouse Grey, L-SO-1056 

 Color: Penthouse Grey

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