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Product Line: Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND)


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Find comfort in the structured timelessness of Bond.  Bold yet classic, Bond breaks boundaries while remaining rooted in tradition.  Embossed on a wax-coated pull-up leather, the linear-driven pattern ages well over time, developing a nuanced patina.  Bond is available in five sharp, saturated colorways.  

Bond was designed by Stacy Garcia® Blue Label with Townsend Leather.

As a wax pull-up leather, Bond will burnish and patina with wear, showing scratches and other markings while in use.  Each hide's natural markings will be highlighted.  The appearance of natural markings such as the backbone, healed scars, grain variation, and fat wrinkles are to be expected.  Natural variations in color, tone and texture will be visible and are part of the beauty of this leather.


We're also happy to be introducing the Bond pattern itself embossed on our timeless Classic Cowhide leather and showing 4 new standard colors on this fully-pigmented finished leather - all of which are now available to be sampled.



Download QC Specifications (PDF)

Average Hide Size: 55 - 60 SF

Minimum Order: 1 Hide

Performance Rating:  2.5 of 5 for Bond Cowhide original / 4 of 5 for Bond embossed on our Classic Cowhide

Standard Colorline: 9 Available for Shipment in Approximately 5 weeks

Custom Colors: Lead time 5 - 6 weeks

Flammability: Flame-proofed, burn certification available upon request

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND)
Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Ruby, Pattern: Bond, L-SG-BND-2781 

 Color: Ruby
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Cigar, Pattern: Bond, L-SG-BND-3163 

 Color: Cigar
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Curry, Pattern: Bond, L-SG-BND-4473 

 Color: Curry
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Cobalt, Pattern: Bond, L-SG-BND-8617 

 Color: Cobalt
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Emerald, Pattern: Bond, L-SG-BND-7324 

 Color: Emerald
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Bone, Pattern: Bond, L-ECL-025-BND 

 Color: Bone
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Riverstone, Pattern: Bond, L-ECL-1150-BND 

 Color: Riverstone
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Hamilton Grey, Pattern: Bond, L-ECL-1372-BND 

 Color: Hamilton Grey
Pattern: Bond

Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Smolder, Pattern: Bond, L-ECL-1110-BND 

 Color: Smolder
Pattern: Bond

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