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Product Line: Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST)


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Live in the moment with Luster, a highly burnished, naturally textured leather.  A uniquely hand-rubbed texture designed as a direct coordinate to Boho Luxe.  This leather is available in 6 standard colors reminiscent of metal accents and vibrant jewel tones. 

Luster was designed by Stacy Garcia® Blue Label with Townsend Leather.

Natural variations in color, tone and texture are part of the beauty of this leather artwork and highlight each hide's unique history and natural markings.  There will be natural variations in grain texture, distressing effect, and in color shading within a hide and from hide to hide.

Download QC Specifications (PDF)

Average Hide Size: 55 - 60 SF

Minimum Order: 1 Hide

Performance Rating:  4 of 5

Standard Colorline: 6 Colors Available for Shipment in Approximately 4 weeks

Custom Colors: Lead time 4 weeks

Flammability: Flame-proofed, burn certification available upon request



Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST)
Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST), Color: Golden, L-SG-LST-4903 

 Color: Golden

Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST), Color: Blonde, L-SG-LST-5688 

 Color: Blonde

Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST), Color: Violet, L-SG-LST-9724 

 Color: Violet

Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST), Color: Sapphire, L-SG-LST-8752 

 Color: Sapphire

Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST), Color: Silver, L-SG-LST-8308 

 Color: Silver

Stacy Garcia Luster Cowhide (SG-LST), Color: Sienna, L-SG-LST-3162 

 Color: Sienna

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