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Townsend Leather’s ability to craft any leather combined with Stacy Garcia’s preeminent capacity as a forecaster of color and design trends makes The Stacy Garcia for Townsend Leather collection an unparalleled partnership. 

Stacy Garcia’s eye for color and texture and her ability to combine different design elements in striking ways, pair beautifully with our capabilities as a manufacturer.

This winning partnership brings together Townsend Leather’s expertise and Stacy’s design insight.

Sneak Peek! Stacy Garcia and Townsend Leather have had a long illustrious relationship for years, crafting a dozen design-centric product lines.  We have a couple more in the works right now, available for sampling soon!  Take a brief sneak peek here at the beautiful leathers and let us know at if you want to be one of the first-to-know when samples are ready.  


An established leader in the world of design, Stacy Garcia is a successful creative entrepreneur and founder of multiple business enterprises. Headquartered in New York, Stacy Garcia, Inc. is a licensing firm and design house.

With brands like Stacy Garcia Commercial and Stacy Garcia | New York, this design-minded entrepreneur, and forecasting expert has partnered with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to create products that span from floor to ceiling, including textiles, wallcovering, furniture, carpet & accessories. Her designs have been featured in hotels and residences around the globe.

All of Stacy Garcia for Townsend Leather products were developed as the result of a close collaboration between creative teams at Stacy Garcia Inc. and Townsend Leather.  Stacy and her talented design team toured Townsend’s production facility to better understand Townsend’s capabilities and the extensive process of hand-crafting leather. 

Explore the beauty of these leather offerings from Townsend Leather and Stacy Garcia



Influenced by the extravagant elegance of gleaming chandeliers, Pendant mimics a vision of draped crystals refracting rays of light. Hand-tipping with metallic hues gives this embossed pattern a pearlescent and slightly distressed feel. Pendant is available in four shimmering colorways.

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Inspired by the delicate intricacies of fabric weaving, Loom tells a tale of interconnection. The uniform, braided pattern is achieved through a gaufrage-emboss and hand-rubbed effect to create a subtle yet, unique texture. Loom is available in five earthy hues.


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Find comfort in the structured timelessness of Bond. Bold yet classic, Bond breaks boundaries while remaining rooted in tradition. Embossed on a wax-coated pull-up leather, the linear-driven pattern ages well over time, developing a nuanced patina. Bond is available in five sharp, saturated colorways.


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Stay anchored with the architecturally inspired pattern Foundation.  An embossed leather perfectly constructed with precision, Foundation is hand-tipped with a pearlescent sheen to further highlight its dimensional surface.  Taking cues from industrial building materials.

Foundation is available in 6 easy to use metallic hues.

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Influenced by natural flowing artistic movements, Candid is a feeling free of all constraints.  The artisan technique of the hand-rubbed texture directly enhances the tonal depth of this unique embossed leather.  Playful yet contemporary.

Candid is available in 6 matte colorways.

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Travel beyond the boundaries of traditional linework and flat planes with Kinetic, a non-directional and multi-dimensional pattern which radiates with a pulsating sense of energy.  This organic-inspired leather emboss is hand-tipped with a subtle sheen with beautifully highlights the raised surfaces of the pattern.

Kinetic is available in 6 energetic and enticing colorways.

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Experience the timeworn and aged appearance of Resurfaced, a hand-painted multi-layered effect that renews and beautifies the leather’s natural grain surface.  Various colors hand-brushed in multiple shades are applied to each section of leather creating tonal depth and revealing a nuance that is rich yet subtle.

Resurfaced is available in soft and sophisticated mineral hues.

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Embark on an adventure with Boho Luxe, a contemporary take on a classic paisley.

This large scale droplet pattern moves effortlessly with its free-flowing organic forms, embossed and burnished for a naturally well-worn appearance.

A uniquely hand-rubbed texture crafted as a direct coordinate to Luster. Both leathers are available in 6 colors reminiscent of metal accents and vibrant jewel tones.

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Live in the moment with Luster, a highly burnished, naturally textured leather.

A uniquely hand-rubbed texture crafted as a direct coordinate to Boho Luxe. Both leathers are available in 6 colors reminiscent of metal accents and vibrant jewel tones.

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Create an oasis of calm with Concentric, a minimalist pattern featuring consistent circular line work and sleek symmetry.

This well-defined pattern is embossed and flood-coated for added dimensional quality.

Concentric is available in 5 harmonious colors that echo tones of mineral hues which are then topped with a glossy sheen.

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Experience geometric perfection with Trifecta, a small scale triangular pattern which constructs a lively three-dimensional appearance.

This architectural pattern is strategically embossed and flood-coated to play with depth perception, creating a textural surface.

Trifecta is available in 7 refreshing colors ranging from refined neutrals to soft-hued pastels.

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Townsend Leather and Stacy Gracia have a long design-loving relationship together and are constantly dreaming and crafting behind the scenes.  New beautiful product lines will be available for samples and orders soon.  Contact us at to get your hands on them as soon as they are ready. 

Visit Stacy to learn more about Stacy’s inspiration.

And look back at our Sneak Peak blog post where this collaboration all started.

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