Aftermarket Support

Townsend is committed to supporting our complete product line long after an order has been delivered.  We maintain our manufacturing records for many years for future reference, so we can duplicate your specific custom production or dye lot if restoration, replacement or supplemental orders are required at a later date.

Our sister company, The Leather Institute, is dedicated to providing care and cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services that preserve the beauty and prolong the life of fine leather seating. The Leather Institute can provide access to a worldwide network of licensed professional leather care service providers. To learn more about the services and training programs The Leather Institute can provide you or your company, visit the Leather

Also through The Leather Institute, we provide Leather Care & Cleaning Products that are formulated to be compatible with today’s water-based leather finishes and will not damage the leather surface.  You may use them with confidence on all of your finished leather seating. The Leather Institute

Townsend cares about the performance of its leather in the field and works hard to assure your satisfaction with our quality and performance warranty.